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- 100 gram original Raprima tempeh starter $5 USD
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- 100 gram original Raprima tempeh starter $5 USD
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Raprima tempeh starter is a rice flour based tempeh starter inoculated with Rhizopus Oligosporus, produced in a controlled, totally safe environment and regularly tested. Our starter is suitable to be used to make most types of tempeh, including soy tempeh, chickpea tempeh, rice tempeh, barley tempeh and any of the pulses and seeds. It is NON GMO and animal product free so its totally safe to be used in vegan and vegetarian cooking. It is daily used by more than 250.000 tempeh producers in Indonesia and thousands of international tempeh producers.

Lab tested

To give you extra peace of mind, we test every batch that we sell. This means that we supply the documents you need and are accepted by most health departments that your starter is free from salmonella, free from gluten and NON GMO, with all bulk orders, stating batch number and expiry date.


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The history of Raprima

This starter was developed as a project at the LIPI institute in Bandung/Java/Indonesia. It was a response to a need for a reliable, successful tempeh starter.

Until then the traditional tempeh maker would use homemade starters or traditonal starter made on the leaf of daun Waru. All of these starters required great skill and experience to use and often resulted in failed tempeh.

At the LIPI institute they developed the new starter using the most successful natural strains available and the result was the birth of what was to become Raprima Tempeh starter. The formula and rights were bought from LIPI and are the basis for the production of Raprima tempeh starter.

The factory is based in Bandung and meets all strict the government regulations for the production of food-grade ingredients. It is subject to regular inspections and testing by the relevant government departments. It is now used daily all over Indonesia and distributed worldwide by us.